Dvd player wont play

My dvd player won’t read discs. It was fine and then all of a sudden it won’t work. I’ve tried a dvd cleaner and so on, it’s out of warranty and I grudge paying for a new one when this ones only a year and a half old, any suggestions?

Standalone, or PC? Does it [I]not[/I] play any discs, commercial as well as burned??..

Standalone, it won’t play ANY the only burned dvds I watch are like family movies, I can’t watch any commercial movies on it, I replaced the laser thinking it could be that, but same results.

Most likely, it’s the media (disc type) you’re using…What is it, and how are you creating your DVD movies?..


I’m not trying to watch a created movie, i’m trying to watch dvds I’ve purchased. The DVD player won’t play anything.

Sorry, my bad!..:frowning:
1:Check all your connections…
2: Replace it, if no go…:smiley:
3: Enjoy new one…:bigsmile: