DVD player won't play some discs

I just purchased a mini van with a DVD player system installed. When I try to play ‘homemade’ audio discs it won’t play them but will play commercially made ones. Does anyone have any idea why this would be? I’m wondering if it will play only copy protected discs.

Poor media, incorrect media (some players only like DVD-Rs) dirt on the disc, lens needs cleaning; It could be many things.

I would try the home-made audio CDs in another player to determine if the discs are the problem. What software program are you burning them? what format? There are many variables that affect how audio CDs are made…Check the Manual for disc type and format it supports…

Yes these disc I made with Roxio CD Creator work on all the other DVD/CD players I have about 6. This Mopar player has no trouble playing commercially made discs it seems although I have two of them it won’t play either. That’s why I wonder if the disc has to have copy protection on it to run. Strange. Never ran into this before.

There are units that do not like homemade discs and changing media, burning speed, etc. may not resolve the problem. If you talk to auto sales people who have been around awhile, they have probably experienced such units. I just swaped out a stock stereo for an aftermarket Sony for just such a reason.

Ok I guess I was just wondering what the difference would be between the discs that play on this player and the ones that don’t. When I put them in the computer drive they all look the same.

Car players can be a real be eye tea sea aitch with home burned stuff
My uncle always says just make normal audio with wav files (forget MP3) and burn them cds slower like at 12 or 16x should help.
Yeah, or save the hassle and get a new one if that don´t work. Got nuthin to do with protection (tee-hee)