Dvd player wont play films on usb stick?

Hi, i have a philips dvd recorder and have been playing films, all diff formats thru the usb on the player and all been gr8 but last 2 films ive tried to watch, well one wont play at all and the other stops at 10 seconds and wont go any further, YET, BOTH PLAY OK ON PC, CANT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE PROB IS, altho the only thing ive done recently on my laptop is take the divx codec off as wmp wouldnt work and i installed the frame show codec, but will have anything to do with movies on usb not playing in dvd recorder, wrecking my head :-(((

What is the source of the problem videos, downloads, something you’ve created, rips from DVD’s, etc? Check the videos with Gspot, http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ to see what container/codec they are. Even though they may be avi it doesn’t mean they are DivX/Xvid, which is what your player probably supports.