DVD player wont play back up dvd's



Hello everyone I have clonedvd2 and Slysoft to make my back up dvd’s and I was making backup dvds for my mother but for some odd reason they wont play in her Sony SLV-D550P combo dvd vcr player… I have never had this problem before because I have three dvd players in my home and one of them is a 400 disc sony and my other is a Apex and last but not least is a Toshiba… I looked up online the Sony dvd player she has and it says it will play Dvd+r and for some reason they wont work for her… I forgot that the media I am using is TDK dvd+r, I have never had a coaster out of all the movies I have backed up, so if you all can give this newbie and advice I would apperciate it… Thanks Slick1 :bow:


I would use DVD-R with Sony SLV-D550P.


Hey there Alex that was what I was thinking and the only thing I could think of… Cya Slick


Try alex thyl’s suggestion first using the DVD- media, that is the easiest way.
If for some reason that doesn’t work either in your Mom’s player you may be able to burn a DVD+ media to DVD-Rom using bitsetting. Pressed DVD’s that you buy have the DVD-Rom format.
Your DVD burner’s firmware must have bitsetting capabilities or it will not work.

What make and model burner do you have?


The dvd burner I have is a Lite on 16x Dual layer model #SOHW-1693so6c I am not much of a computer whiz but I will try and do my best, I am kinda lucky because I have a friend that has a computer business that can help me with the suggestions you guys give… Thanks again Slick1


You are in luck then regarding bitsetting, the Liteon 1693S has that ability.

I suggest you visit the two sites below and download the Omnipathcher and the latest firmware for your drive, with these tools you can enable bitsetting to your drive and tweak it at the same time.

I have burned close to 400 dvd’s using bitsetting (DVD-Rom) and loaned them out to over 1 dozen people with equipment from excellent to el cheapo’s, and nobody ever complained about a diskl not playing.

Discuss this with your friend in the computer business, I’m sure he\she will have no problems updating the firmware.

OmniPatcher site

Firmware Site

Best Of Luck.


I want to say thanks to itzbinnice and Alex for your help I do apperciate it there guys… Thanks again Cya Slick1


Always happy to help to people who appreciate it. Best of luck in whatever you choose to do, any questions don’t hesitate to ask.


You are most welcome, Slick1.