Dvd player wont play any burnt media!


First post! Hope im in the right Forum!

Just bought a Toshiba 3109 and so far in wont play any burnt discs :confused: I know its a bit of an old machine - tried lots of different media, low burn speed, even tried getting my head around bitsetting - but nothing seems to work!!

Anyone got any ideas at all how I can get this thing to play any dvd-r media?

thanks guys!! Appreciate any suggestions!

you cant possibly use bitsettings with dvd-r it can be used only on +r also of course the burner itself must support bitsettings , i suggest youll get +r medias or a much better dvd player

Hi Thanks Phil

I tried using dvd+ media and the DVDbitsetter2113 ultility, which just crashed on me. Using a Pioneer 109 burner and Alcohol 120 / Nero with absolutely no idea if this is compatible. Until yesterday I’d never even heard of bitsetting! From your comments tho the SD3109 doesnt sound worth the effort then (an old machine but came with good reviews) - I should just junk it?



i checked the dvr-109 review it supports bitsettings only for +R DL medias, also read comments at videohelp seems it will play dvd-r but only with a firmware upgrade and from i can see that firmware upgrade isnt free, also according to several comments it will play dvd+r with bitsettings just fine so i guess your options are

  1. get another dvd burner that supports bitsettings for +R medias
  2. pay for firmware upgrade
  3. use +R DL medias with bitsettings
  4. “junk” it

edit btw you dont need to set up the bitsettings for +R DL its automatic , its on by default

Thanks Phil

I rang Toshiba UK who insisted that they dont do firmware upgrades! :confused: Suggested that might only be in the States so got nowhere there! That seemed to sort some of the prob on the Videohelp Forums as you say but dont know where to go and it aint free! Also couldnt get the firmare vesion hack to work :sad:

But thanks for the options! - im having to get up to speed on afew things here! such as DL media, to show me ignorance (further!) so a bit of further reading on the forum needed!



Before trashing your Toshiba, check that your burnt video discs actually play in your PC and in some other standalone player… :wink: - in case you’re doing something wrong when creating the discs, who knows…

Mine won’t either … its a 3950SC … but my computer reads them fine … some play just sound and no video and my latest gave me a disc error …

Toshiba doesn’t support +r media … so don’t try that.