Dvd player with every format?



im trying to find a dvd player(no HD or BluRay).
i would like it to support divx, xvid , mpeg4, and any other format that is out there. but those are the 3 main ones i would like to have. any suggestions on what some good models are? and is there a good website for reviews on divx/xvid dvd players?


Philips make some good [B]read all[/B] players.
Check videohelp.com.


thx. im looking at this one right now…


Cheack out http://www.oppodigital.com


ive seen those before, but i dont want hd/bluray. the price is still high for those players and i dont have any movies or a HD tv.


This new model looks nice.


Those are not hd/bluray.It’s up-converting.They up-convert regular dvd to quality close to hd.


I don’t like the looks of this comment.

Cons: some problem with the motor that spins the disk. dead at almost a year of ownership. check the internet this is a [B]common problem[/B].


Jast ordered this one ,will see how it performs.


ripken204 doesn’t want HD/Bluray. Never mind.


I’ve read they make some nice stuff.


and what will upconverting do for me if i just have a normal tv?


I don’t think it will do alot for you if your tv dosen’t have atleast component in,didn’t thoath of it, my beat.


do you need DVD-RAM playback?


Hello world.
Could someone tell me if analogue signals can ever be widescreen?
If not, then does that mean that ALL DVD recorders with analogue tuners can only record in 4:3?