I have been frustrated in finding a standalone (component) DVD player that has this combination of features:

[li]Will play DivX disks
[/li][li]HAS DISK MEMORY (or RECALL or RESUME–or whatever the manufacturer calls it)
Disk MEMORY is the capability where a disk can be stopped in the middle of playing AND REMOVED from the tray–and even AFTER one or more (I’ve seen memories up to 30 disks) OTHER disks are played, the player will remember the stopping point of the original disk and be able to resume playing the original disk from that point.

I would also like to have digital output (coax or optical), but it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker if this were absent as long as it can play DivX and RESUME.

Also, I wouldn’t be against buying a combination DVD/VHS player (I have space issues in a small cabinet) as long as it has DivX and RESUME.

I have been searching in vain for a player that that has this RESUME capability AND plays DivX disks as well. Is there anyone out there that knows of such a beast?

Or, does anyone know for sure that there isn’t any such player?

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Lots of manufacturers make units like this… Many of the “upper level” Samsungs and LGs will do the job you want, as regards Divx. BTW, nearly all DVD players have a “resume” function.
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I have been researching online and visiting every electronics store in my area with discs in hand testing every DVD player out there. In my testing, there are very few consumer DVD players that include a resume function as I have described it as above. The few that do, cannot play DivX. Now, most DO support resume on the same disk–that is, if you turn off the DVD player in the middle of the movie, it will resume playing where you left off. But, if you remove the disc, you must restart at the beginning.

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I have been searching for similar players myself for a while. I used to have a JVC 5 disc changer that had a 30 disc memory which I replaced when I got a Sony DVD Recorder. By then I had assumed all players had the resume function but I was shocked to find out the recorder didn’t have it. I found another JVC that has the function but as far as I can tell it doesn’t have DIVX as well. If I find one that has both I will be sure to post it here.

Pioneer dvd players also do both. I have a 480 and it works like a charm.