DVD player will not read MUST 001 anymore

I bought these DVDs before. It was burning and reading in my DVD player fine. I got some more and they still burn and read on my PC’s DVD drive but no more DVD player compatiable. I have not changed anything and still have Herrie’s 2k5107v2b5dl firmware. What I am doing wrong?

166s connected to a controller and 2500 connected to Primary IDE. Again, this was the same before.

They are the same DVDs, MUST 001

Are they DVD+R, maybe you change from a DVD-R pack to a DVD+R pack of the SAME brand.
If so chk if they are book type to DVD-ROM.

Book Type DVD-ROM
Media Type DVD-R

Like the previous ones I got.

Do you have the discs finalized?
Some readers have problem reading open discs

Like a lot of brands, these are not necessarily consistent from spindle to spindle, or even within the same spindle. I’ve noticed different burn quality after getting halfway into my 50 disk spindle.

I use DVD Shrink and it burns directly after encoding with Nero.

I believe Quantum is right because that seems like the only logical answer since I am doing EXACTLY the same process like before but player does not read now.