DVD Player w/only one region chip?

I was just told by Polaroid that their DVD player model DVP-110M comes with a dedicated Region 4 chip and can’t be changed/unlocked.

Does this sound right?


Sounds awfully expensive, but certanly possible. Is it an expensive unit?

Not expenvise at all. About US$65-$70

If it’s cheap, it’s a generic chip with region locked firmware :wink:
They just won’t tell you how to unlock the region :wink:

Generally I would agree but we got a very nice lady at Polaroid, Mexico and she tried to research it. When she could not find the code, she said she would email Polaroid in the U.S. and get information. I tend to believe her and will post her reply if any.

This leads me to suspect that polaroid will also refuse to tell the nice lady that it’s a generic chip that can be region unlocked. They will most likely also tell her that the region is hard-coded.

I don’t think companies are willing to bend the law to satisfy just a few customers. It’d bring a whole world of trouble if a big company started telling everyone how to get around the region coding. El-cheapy chinese companies don’t care, they just close down overnight & tomorrow morning open under a new name;)