DVD Player to produce disc images?

Is there an internal dvd player that is capable of producing an acurate image of a copy protected game so that I can give my burner a rest when backing up? I use my dvd for ripping, playing video and audio, and my all-around cdrom.

Depends on the DVD drive and the type of protection, but I doubt it’ll be any different. DVD drives are made for multimedia, not bypassing copy protection. That’s one reason why there’s so lil firmware updates for DVD/CD-ROMs. Sure there are those that can copy games, but they take literally hours and in the process is lil by lil straining your DVD drive. It’s better to save time and money to just use your CD-RW, updated to the latest firmware, with the latest version of CCD. CD-RW drives are very well made, especially modern ones from well known brands, its more likely to becoming outdated before it breaks from overuse. THink about it, my Lite-on 32x and Plextor 24x, for example, can ready any game in less than 5 min, for these drives its almost the same as reading normal CDs.

So relax and just burn away,

well thanks for the info… how about some more. i need to replace my pioneer 116 dvd and i am not sure which brand.
everyone keeps talking about the liteons and toshiba…is there a “best” brand?

Apparently the Lite-ONs are the best all-around (very fast at data and audio, great for general on-the-fly copying) but the Toshibas are faster for certain protected games. Also, the Lite-ONs are not your best choice if you plan to back-up some of the newer copy-protected audio disks.

I am happy with my LTD-163, and it works great for viewing DVDs as well…

Thanks for the help. I still don’t know what to do… Too many choices :slight_smile:

The three most important things to remember are: PERFORMANCE, QUALITY, & PRICE (not neccessarily in that order). If you find that you see too many good ones, then just go to http://www.pricewatch.com and go for the cheapest one that came up on your selected list.