Dvd player that plays everything!



So I burn alot of movies, and i play them all on my xbox cuz my dvd player is old and sucky and wont play em. My xbox sometimes skips on my dvds, and one time didnt even play a certain disk. But I take all those dvds over to my friends house, and he gets NONE of the same skips i get at all. Why is this? Is it the dvd’s fault, or a better dvd player, or what?
Also do u guys have any recommendations for a good new dvd player for me to buy thta will play pretty much all the stuff I burn?

also, what is lite-on?


The Philips DVP 642 is a good buy and will play most everything. It also has a multitude of outputs.

Liteon is a company that makes DVD and CD burners and readers and a few models of stand alone DVD burner/players for home use.

Without knowing your burner and media and software you use to burn it is hard to say why your discs are skipping. Try providing more details.


Ok, well I have a sony dru 530-a with 2.1a firmware upgraded on it, Im using nero reloaded to burn the disks, and I have been using my crappy memorex dvds -r’s

when you say multitude of outputs u mean the red white and yellow ports right?


I’ve got an RCA DR212N (or something like that–I’m not sure about the DR) and it plays EVERYTHING. I’ve got VCDs, SVCDs, and every kind of DVD I’ve thrown at it yet (although, I admit that I’ve stuck to high end media like TY and Maxell). It takes both -R and +R without flinching or skips. Everything looks beautiful…

If you want more info on LOTS of the main brands, check out:
It has a whole list of DVD standalone players, prices, and what they’re able to play.
Good luck


thanks ninja rider, Ill look into those

does anyone have a clue tho on why my dvd would skip with my xbox, and play flawlessly on my friends dvd player? is it the dvd players ability to read the dvd better, or the dvd’s fault?


it depends on the drive you have in the XBOX. DVD players sometimes read even worth than XBOXs.


ok, well i just have the normal xbox and the dvd adapter…i guess its the xboxes fault, and the dvd’s i made are fine, just need a player that will read it better.


There are a lot of DVD players that can handle (almost) all type of media. It depends on your needs concerning the player (DivX, SACD, built-in decodrs, etc.) what to buy. And of course the price factor.

P.S.: My XBOX (with Philips drive) performed better than my Philips DVP-720SA DVD Player (new model, SACD, built-in decoders, etc.).


so how do I get a drive put in my xbox? or would a liteon be the best thing for me for watching burned dvd’s?


I don’t think yuo have to buy a new DVD player or change your drive in the XBOX. Please, do the following:

  1. Check what type/brand of media XBOX was not able to play or with problems. Never use them in the future.
  2. Use only good quality media (Taiyo Yuden, Fuji, RICOH, etc.) and burn at a lower speed, than the certified one.


yea, my xbox is actually pretty good stock…but I have a really old dvd player in the family room that wont play ANYTHING, so I was looking maybe for something to upgrade there, or just upgrade my xbox and plug that in upstairs. But yea, that is sound advice about just using better media, cuz only thing that hasnt worked on my xbox is memorex


I thought so, media problem. :wink:
If you plan to buy a DVD player, just let us know, we might have some ideas. :iagree:


Speaking of palying anything, you do realize of course that the XBOX is the most versatile player outside of a media center PC. Once modded you can run XBMC and the Phillips, Kiss, Lite-On, ect. can’t even begin to compare with what it can play. The latest version supports pretty much any D/L i-net file extension you can think of (even quicktime and real media player type files).


I am also after a ‘play anything’ standalone player and have checked out numerous threads both here and on videohelp.com. The Pioneer 575 looks like it may be the one to go for but I am unsure whether it will play DivX from DVD as opposed to CD; if not are there any that will? Also are there any reported problems with playing Dual Layer?

In an ideal world I’d like to be able to play both Dual Layer and DivX (from DVD) on a DVD Recorder; and even better would be a Hard Drive that I can connect to my PC so I don’t have to bother transferring to PC via rewritable discs; and so I can play DivX or MP3 from the HD. The only things that come near to this as far as I am aware are from KISS, but I am concerned about the picture quality as there are very few reviews on them and even fewer shops to demo them. Also for some reason, according to the manual, the current model 5?? only allows a single video and single audio ouptut so I can’t connect to TV via component and digital audio and route composite/stereo to other TVs in the house; I don’t know whether the 600 out in the summer will fix that.

Any help from current Pioneer/KISS owners or suggestions of other models would be appreciated.


Hi All!

I´m not helping, but i have a descontinueted model, Philips 737, and he reads everthing, CDs 99 minutes, cheap ones, DVDs Divx High Bitrates ( 3000 ), and Srt/subtiles recorded with diferent names…
Too bad Philips did stop produce this model…
Even a Kiss 508, can read a Movie Divx, in 3 CD`s, high bitrate, resulted from the Gordian Knot…

Good Luck!


[b]Pioneer DV-575A:

[/b]1. No problem playing DL media.
2. Reliable, performs much better than any other player in its category (http://forum.surdvd.com/viewtopic.php?t=29726).
3. It plays everything, including DivX on DVD (http://www.divxtest.com/resultats.php3).


Cheers Alex; are they supposed to be in French? I got the jist of it from the tables anyway.


AMW (Amphion Media Works) players are real cheap and the one i’ve got plays everything i throw at it. got mine from Circuit City for like $35.


Yes, it is in French. Only place where you can find a thorough test of playing capabilities for this player. I hope it helped.


Hmm! What about the Pioneer DV-578? What’s the difference between it and DV-575A? Where can I find the Pioneer DV-575A (black version)? It seems that ebay, amazon, circuit city, compusa, etc… doesn’t have it. Need a link for best possible price as well. Thanks.