DVD player that plays avi as well



Hi guys,

hopefully Ill find seom help here. I finally decided to buy one of them things. Been hearing about them, even that u can get them from walmart for like 40 bucks.

Can anyone tell me a brand/model of a DVD player that plays avi ?


Check out www.dvdrhelp.com. They have information about dvd players, reviews, and much more.


.avi is not .avi.



I am not getting what ya tryin to say


he means those dvd players plays only xvid/divx format avi files and not any type of avi file only those


:smiley: What other non divx/xvid avi files u can find ?


There are HUNDREDS of avi codecs. :frowning:


Yeah, sorry for not explaining this.
One of the best sources for info about that is www.videohelp.com as mentioned earlier.