DVD Player Software with zoom

I am after some DVD PLayer software whch has a 4:3 zoom facility. The main reason is to play 4:3 dvds on my 16:9 laptop screen, without the side borders. (I dont have many but nearly all of the 4:3 DVDs I have are in 4:3 ratio but are 16:9 picture or narrowower, such as the Star Wars original versions)

I am currently using an old copy of PowerDVD which has 4x and 9x zoom which are useless and Pan & Scan set to 1.85:1 but this cuts off the sides. :confused:

you need [B]Mplayer[/B] under aspect ratio change it to 4:3 and you are ready to go

Zoom Player

Link: http://www.inmatrix.com/

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VLC also lets you set aspect ratio and zoom.