DVD Player Skips and stops 1/4 - 3/4 through copied movie



I have alot of back-up copies of my DVDs and I have been able to watch some and others start to skip and completely stop after pixil freak out.

I use DVD Fab for all my back ups. I also use Memorex, TDK, Sony DVD+R for my media.

I think my burner is an LG, it came with my Dell computer in 2007.

It seems as if when the players are on for a half hour and start to get warm this happens.

I have used a Toshiba, Memorex and Samsung, PS2 for play back and they all seem to do the same thing.

I have recorded at 4x and at 8x and there seems to be no ryme or reason for which ones mess up.

Anyone ever experiance this and found a remedy?

Frustration is really geting to me now.


Usually that’s down to media or burn speed - the latter is out if you say you’ve tried 4x and 8x.

That just leaves the media - all but the Sony are suspect (Memorex and TDK use different manufacturers for their discs, some of which aren’t so good), but I’m surprised the Sony discs skip etc.

Can you say definitely whether your Sony backups are affected?

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Agreed with the disc’s are most likely the problem but if there all +R maybe when burning try setting the booktype to dvd-rom if you didn’t all ready maybe your player doesn’t really like +R disc’s that well same goes for the PS2. If you haven’t yet tried some -R dvd’s give them a try.