Dvd player scratching dvd?


I am curious if my dvd player is scratching my dvds. I recently purchased a brand new dvd from Best Buy and watched it in my dvd player. When I took the DVD out, I noticed a large scratch on the media side of the DVD. Being I take good care not to damage my dvds, this could only have two real causes. 1. The dvd was scratched from the manufacturer, or 2. the DVD player scratched it. I have not noticed that any of my other dvds have been scratched, but I am also not putting any new one in the machine. This leads me to my question. The dvd player is the type that has a tray the ejects out and you place the dvd in the middle like the type commonly used in computers. Does the dvd get lifted off the tray when it spins or does it spin on the tray itself? I cant imagine that the dvd would spin on the tray because it would be constantly grinding against the plastic. If anyone has any insight into this, I would be greatly appreciative.

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The DVD gets lifted off the tray when playing.

It’s still possible for a defective drive to scratch or scuff your discs, however. I have a DVD burner which does exactly that (it’s no longer in use for that reason).

I will have to experiment with some blank dvds to make sure the scratch was from the manufacturer and not the dvd drive. Thanks for the help. :bow:


Open the machine and watch how the disc is taken care of. It could be your machine doing the scratching of your disc. How old is the machine?
How expensive was it? If its an off brand player consider replacing it if you can’t figure out whats going on with it. Because I highly doubt that the disc came that way from the company that made it. I’m pretty confident that the quality control in these factories is better than that.

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I have seen a whole shipment of a movie scratched with a long scratch and it turned out to be from the stacking machine from the plant so their QC isn’t that good. Take it back to Best Buy and replace it but look at the new DVD before you leave the store