DVD Player says 'NO DISC' after recording

Dear Folks,

I am converting a few of my tapes to CDs. I use Acoustica as my recording software that gives me the large (almost 10MB per minute of song) .wav files for the songs on the tape and I burn them on the ‘Music’ CDs using the Windows Media player, which does the conversion and all that. After burning all the songs,it looks very similar to a pro CD, when I view the contents on my Computer.

When I try to play it on my DVD/CD player (Stereo System) it doesnt recognize the disc. it says NO DISC. What am I doing wrong, my friends? Can you please illumine me on this

My gratitude in advance.

Firstly, when using Acoustica, try making the output sound format as MP3 instead of WAV files, it will save you a lot of space.

Secondly, when burning your MP3s, try using another program to burn your compilation. I use programs such as Nero, NTI CD Maker ect. there is a whole heap of better ones out there, try and stay away from window based burning.

Thirdly, try burning at a lower speed, always helps! :iagree:

Does your burned cd play on your PC using Media Player?
If no, you most likely have a speed problem. Try burning it at a lower speed (I use not more than 8x for audio CDs)