DVD Player says "Incompatible Disk"

I recently tried burning Click, 300, and Underworld: Evolution and everything went fine and they play in my computer and on my Zenith dvd player but not on my Koss dvd player, it tries to read for a while but then says “Incompatible Disk.” I’ve tried dvd decrypter with clone dvd and dvdfab decrypter with clone dvd but neither one work for it to play on the koss player. I’m using Playo 1-16x DVD-R 4.7 G dvds and I burned Night at the Museum and Super Troopers onto them and they played in all the players, what’s going on with Click, 300, and Underworld?

Any help will be appreciated, thanks all.

No answers? :confused:

I am pretty sure it is only the dvds that i use dvdfab decrypter for. The ones that I use dvd decrypter for work.

Hi mike
Please give a few more details.
The DVD burner you are using?
The software you use for the backup?
What make and mid code the blank discs have?
Do you use +r or -r discs?
If you use +r and set the book type to DVD rom this makes them more compatible for awkward players.
Some DVD players are more sensitive about the discs that are fed to them compared to others.
Some times just changing to a better make of blank disc cures the problem.