DVD player recommendation

I am looking for a new standalone DVD player supporting DivX/XviD, external subtitles, firmware upgrading etc. So far I have seen Pioneer DV-575a and KISS DP-1000. Any other recommendations or comments?

Go for the Pioneer, it is one of the best players available on the market. Stay away from KISS. They have only one advantage to Pioneer, they have huge number of updated firmware all the time.
Pioneer does not need to be updated. :smiley:

What about other brands, is it worth it to investigate players from them too? And what if I can’t the Pioneer? What would be a second choice then?

There is an alternative, if you want a player with DivX capabilities: Philips DVP 720SA. Can be made region free easily and there are lot of firmware for the player.

I just bought a LG LDA-511 “slot loader” and its played everything I thrown at it. Plays DVD-AUDIO, Xvid, Divx, Wma, ISO MPEG-1, SVCD, JPEG, MP3-cd/dvd with long file names… Has a 7 in one card reader(CF,MD,MMC,SD,MS,MS-PRO,XD) Has HDMI support, Progresive scan, DTS Optical out. Supports all disk formats(+R/RW -R/RW DL) It also has an excelent picture quality(with normal DVD’s also) through the s-video as I dont have an HD tv yet to use the HDMI. I had bought a PHILIPS before it, but took it back cause of bad quality/reliability issues. I paid 159$ And it looks nice :bow:

And also double-sided DVD’s do NOT get stuck in the slot loaded unit as I read some people say that in thier reviews. I dont have any complaints on it… but updatable FW would be nice but it’s not needed because it works in the first place out of the box. I have yet to find anything that wont play…

Hers the specs:
Playable DivX: .avi, .mpg, .mpeg
Playable subtitle formats: SubRip(.srt/.txt)
SubStation Alpha(
VobSub(.sub)>Sub/idx, stream based format
DVD Subtitle System(

Playable Codec Format: DIVX3.xx, DIVX4.xx, DIVX5.xx, XVID, MP43, 3IVX

I purchased the Pioneer DV-585A. Anyone is using it? What is the best firmware for this player?

I’m looking for a new DVD-Player too. It must have a:

  • HDMI Output
  • Digital Audio Output (doesn’t matter if optical or coaxial)
  • ability to play burned DVD’s

I just bought a Toshiba SD-350E but it would stutter and produce pixel-errors if I play burned DVD’s (MCC004 with a Lite-On 1693S). So I will send it back to amazon tomorrow.