DVD Player Problem

This is my first post. Thanks in advanced for the replies. I currently own three dvd players in the house. The one with problem currently is my Pioneer DV-343. Its an older player but it has the digital audio output for my reciever. I have made a couple backups onto DVD-R which I cannot complain about. I am very satisfied with my first attempts. The complaint is that playback in the particular player becomes blocky towards the end of my backups. The reason I know it is the player is due to the fact it will play properly in another player. Is the decoder malfunctioning in the unit after a certain amount of playback? I guess its time to retire this player.

lotik …/missing my digital audio

sounds like it could be the age but maybe the brand of media, I have experienced certain brands of blank dvds play well in some and other brands do better or worse in other players, cant tell you why but its just what I have experienced. hope it helps

I agree, it sounds like a media problem. With poor media, the closer you get to the end the worse it gets-maybe harder to read by the player in question. The newer players may be better readers.