DVD Player Problem



This may sound as weird to you as it does me.

My computer won’t play DVD’s If I load it into WMP I get video and active menu’s But no sound. If i load it into nero showtime I get no video BUT I get sound.

I have used DVD Decrypter to decode movies and Nero recode to burn them to new DVD’s that work great. The Preview mode of recode plays fine (video and sound).

I’m at a loss!! :confused: Is there a toggle that I haven’t toggled?

Any ideas would help,
Thanks in advance

WinXP w/ SP2
120G HD
256M Mem
Toshiba SD-R5372

Nero OEM
DVD Decrypter


Play the DVD in a regular DVD player and see if it works.

If it does, then this means that something is wrong with the way your computer is setup. I would then suggest that you uninstall all multimedia programs(nero, WMP, etc) and reinstall them again one by one and test the DVD during each step. I believe that there is probably some software drivers that are interfering with each other.

I hope this helps.


These are Factory DVD’s that play for the TV just fine…I’ll try the uninstall reinstall thing and see if it works. Thanks