DVD player pauses audio CD between songs (not CDR)

I’ve been searching all over the web for the answer to this question but all I can find are references to burned CDs/DVDs. So, hopefully someone here can answer my question. :slight_smile:

I just purchased a new entry-level home theatre system (RCA RTD255) which plays DVDs, CDs, MP3s, and more. The unit works great for DVDs. However, I gravitated to a 5-disk model so that I could replace my old CD player. The problem I am having is that my regular audio CDs (these are store bought not burned) play with a pause between songs. The problem is noticeable on full end-to-end mixed albums with no breaks between songs. Niether my car or old CD player do this. I tried as well on the $39 Cyberhome DVD player I have in my bedroom and there is also a pause (although slightly shorter).

Is this a problem with the quality of the units or do all drives designed for DVD have this issue with audio CDs? I’ve read about removing the 2 sec pause on burned disks but I can’t imagine why my players are doing this on regular audio disks if it isn’t hardware related. Is there a DVD player on the market that can truly double as a full functional CD player? If not I might as well return the 5 disk surround sound unit and get a less expensive single unit, plus a surround sound receiver with CD turntable. Thanks in advance. :bow: