DVD player only works on one comp :\

I am testing with two computers a new LITEON DVD ROM RW to replace an old one.
Using Power DVD software in both computers.

In computer A, the DVD player works fine. No issues at all.
In computer B, the player will be lucky to play a DVD for a few minutes then it will start to stutter and freeze before it just locks up the computer.
Both computers were newly built 18 months ago with AMD Athlon XP 3200 CPUs, Asus MB, 1gig Crucial RAM, Antec PS, Gforce6800 (compA) GforceTI4200 (comp B)

The old DVD player worked fine in the computer (3-4 year old Sony) :confused:

Where should I look next? What info am I not giving you?

What actually is the Liteon model number?

The problem could be as simple as jumper settings or a faulty IDE cable.

Are you using 80wire IDE cables to connect it to the M/B?

Liteon model number SHW-160P6S (mfg date - feb, 06) Slave jumper attached

I guess its an 80 pin, Its a standard IDE cable. Its plugged in as the slave on the IDE below a CD player. Its the same cable that we used on the last DVD player that was working fine.

Disconnect the CD-ROM for now & make the Liteon the master , connected to the end of the cable & ensure that it’s an 80wire cable. These Liteons are Ultra DMA mode 4 burners & really must be on 80wire cables.

If that works connect the CD-ROM as slave (middle connection) & see if it still works.

I do have Vantec 80 wire cables.

I went through a series of tests after reading your last post.

I played a disc in the old Sony first. It locked up after an hour & 15 minutes.
I had to hard boot

I tried to play a disc with the Liteon SHW per your instructions and it locked up sfter several clicks of the mouse, regardless what I clicked on. It never functioned properly in Computer B. In fact after starting the computer it tried to run the entire time. The light stayed on fluttering and the player spinning.
I had to hard boot

I finally took the Liteon SOHW 1633S out of Computer A (mfg in march 04) and installed it per your instructions and it played an entire move and ran flawlessly. I have used this Liteon for several years.

I bought the SHW from Newegg earlier this year. I suspect after these tests that its likely defective.

So there you have it.

Obviously you have incompatability issue between your drive and your computer software and programs installed. Try to restore your computer to the a month ago see if that works if not then you have to reformat your hard drive in your troubled computer.

Ive done the restore to a previous version with no fix. I dont mind using my OS disc to do a fix on the HD but reformatting? That seems a bit aggressive.

Any other options before having to reformat, or hopefully just fix via the disc?


I believe there is some thing in your windows registry that creates conflict with your drive/player so I still recommend restoring to way back before this problem happened or take the pain and go for reformatting your hard drive.