DVD player only recognises cd's not dvd's

The DVD in question is an LG DRD-8160B. It used to work fine but ever since hard drive format it has not been working properly. It will detect and runs cd’s fine but it will not detect DVD’s when I place any type of DVD in the drive it simply says ‘please insert a dick into the drive’. I use windows xp home addition. Its been a real pain as bascialy now I just have a DVD drive acting as a basic cd-rom drive. Can anyone help?

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Ok tried a DVD film and it actualy gets detected and runs ok, though ive tried 2 DVD+RW dvd’s with data on but they dont get detected. Could it be due to the format of the DVD and the player perhaps being an old model.

Reformatting your hd should not have any effect at all on the ability of your dvd player to play or record dvd’s. Try going to Control Panel/System/Device Manager/Hardware, and remove your ide’s (primary and secondary), and reboot. Windows will autodetect the devices and reinstall the drivers. See if that fixes it.

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Rob , it’s more likely the -rw media & what’s on it that’s the problem & in my post to the other thread I’ve asked some questions about this.

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