DVD player only recognises cd's not dvd's(WIN XP problem?)



The DVD in question is an LG DRD-8160B. It used to work fine but ever since hard drive format it has not been working properly. It will detect and runs cd’s fine but it will not detect DVD’s when I place any type of DVD in the drive it simply says ‘please insert a dick into the drive’. I use windows xp home addition. Its been a real pain as bascialy now I just have a DVD drive acting as a basic cd-rom drive. Can anyone help?


oops do forgive my language lol was up very late writing this!


Well, did you try it…? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Seriously though I don’t know what the problem is but since it happened after a format it could very well be a software or driver problem (although I don’t see how the latter could cause the drive only to detect CD based media). What software did you install?


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Software installed is Roxio Easy CD creator but thats for use with the cd-rw drive. Nothing else is installed realy as windows xp seems to detect it ok. Could it be possible that the DVD drive cant read DVD-RW as its an older drive?


According to the specs this DVD-ROM should be able to read a DVD-RW that has data on it. However, not a blank one.
What is actually on these -RW disks & how were they created?
If another system has written them using software that you don’t have , like InCD or DirectCD/Drag to Disk and the disk wasn’t closed to be read on any system then I guess they won’t be recognised.


I would go to Device Manager, delete the drive and then restart WinXP and let it detect the drive again. Do you have any kind of driver software on a cd anywhere that came with the drive? Any avaialble on the mfg web site?
Also, when you did a hard drive format, did you mess with anything inside the computer case?


Couldn’t it simply be that since you formatted your drive you now need to install a DVD decoder…? DVD’s will not play without a decoder, right?