DVD Player not working - not showing up correctly in device manager



I have an AOpen DUW1616L, and it’s installed correctly and such.
But in device manager it’s only showing up as DVDRW 16X16X, with the little exclamation mark beside it.
Now, I had an old AOpen DVDRW before, and it worked and showed up in device manager, but a short while ago, it did the same thing this one is doing now.
So I took it back to Costco and returned it for this one. And now this one is doing what the other one was…
I am using Windows XP Pro x64, but that shouldn’t be a problem.
I’ve tried uninstalling it, and reinstalling it.
Uninstalling it, and restarting etc…
But nothing seems to make it work.

And to make things work I need it badly for a presentation! (Insert scarey music)


This drive is supposed to appear with this ID.

check drivers, replace the ide cable and check jumperings and settings.


Does it work? Just curious!