DVD player not reading everything on cd (under 2gb)?



When I burn music dvd’s, my car’s dvd player only reads about 250 songs, no matter what size the cd is. Even if I burn in UDF, it won’t show more than 250 songs. If I make the dvd with the songs divided into folders, any folder after the 250 limit is shown, but cannot be selected. When I put the cd in a computer it shows all the files. Is there anything I can do that will make it easier for the dvd player to read the rest of the files? Fyi, it’s a Clarion in-dash dvd/mp3 radio/tv that is no more than 6 or 7 years old.


Welcome to CDF’s:

Look in your manual. That player is old.


I figured age would be the reason, but it’s not that outdated. It came out in '05 (just checked). Is there anything I can do, like a certain setting to make it easier to read?


I’m guessing it’s the limitations of the player. pc drives are different so that’s why you can see them on your pc.