Dvd player no longer reads disks!

Used the trial period of dvd clone along with any dvd with no problems.Purchased the package from slysoft, registered it and started burning dvds.After the first burn player and program locked up.Now dvd player no longer can detect disk at all but still plays music cds.Any suggestions?

We need more specific information. What disk can not be detected, your player won’t detect the disk you burned or your burner won’t detect blank disks anymore. What player are you refering to, a software player using your burner, a dvd-rom, a standalone player?
I’m going to just make a wild guess here and guess that it is probably media or firmware (because with people that are new at it including myself when I was new, it’s often firmeare and or media). Please read the media and manufacture code off the disk (it doesn’t matter if it is one that is burned or a blank). If some media worked but others didn’t (even if it is the same brand but diffrent pack), read the media codes off both. Use this free program to read the media codes.

It will no longer detect ANY discs, dvds that are my personal ones or any ones burnt.It is a dvd rom in the computer made by pioneer, not sure which model.I have been using Memorex 8x, 4.7 gb ,120 min disks.The reason I think it is not media problems, it no longer reads movies that have been purchased from store that worked fine before.I have my dvd player and a dvd burner.(e) and (f) drive.Can load movie on (e) but then (f) will not detect disk for the burn.

Sounds like your laser went belly up.:sad: But it also sounds like you may have gotten a corupt DL. If your running XP, try a system restore to a date before you loaded this new software and see if it takes.

just ran dvd identifier and it read drive (f) with a blank disk.hmmmmmmm.

Then like I said (But it also sounds like you may have gotten a corupt DL.) I’d delete what you downloaded and go with Shrink and Decrypter. They are free but Decrypter won’t be around for long. Or you could DL the trial version of Nero for 30 days and see how one of these behaves.

what is happening with Decrypter?

it wouldnt download. get error messege : the installer you are trying to use is incomplete. could be result of a damaged disk, failed download or a virus

It’s been banned. The last version is indeed the LAST version. There are (as of 2 days ago) still some mirror sites where you can obtain it. Just remember that it is for personal use only to make ONE copy of a disk that you OWN!!! Not intended for illegal use. You should be able to Google it to find a site to DL it. You can read about it here. http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/198072