DVD Player makes skipping noise... incompatible disk (fine in PC)

I’m not sure if this is a media issue or not My player is RCA DRC230N and I have read on videohelp.com that there were some of these units produced with incompatibilities with some DVD-R media.

I have been able to make a successful DVD-MP3 disc and have made a few coasters that played but the video was all messed up.

So now the dvd goes into the player, the player makes a skipping noise (note that the image isn’t skipping, just the player trying to read the disc).
After three tries it displays an incompatible disc message.

Can someone tell me if I have a chance at burning successfully if I change to a better media?

Right now I am using the cheapies I found at a local store: MINIs and DVD ID reports that it is manufactured by Anwell Precision Tech.

Burner is LG GSA-4082B

Well it is Saturday Morning and I am getting ready to go shopping, should I buy some different DVD-Rs?



might have something to do with it.

fingers crossed, credit card at the ready…