DVD Player Jitter but not on PC

Hi this is my first post and not sure if I’m in the right place.

I’m an amature videographer and when I transfer my edited work to DVD I usually end up having some jitter. I’ve tried up to 5 different DVD players and all show some jitter but not all at the same place. Every time I’ve had this problem the DVD’s play OK on my desktop PC or laptop.

Any assistance would be most helpful


Hi Aly, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

When you say “jitter”, do you mean that the player briefly pauses and then continues and perhaps sometimes skips ahead?

This type of behaviour is usually called “freezing” and “skipping” (“jitter” is something else that I’d rather not explain now).

Or do you mean something else - if so then please try to explain in more detail.

Many DVD players are more picky about which discs they can play properly, and it can also matter which drive you use for burning your DVDs and at which speed you burn.

Have you tried different blank DVD media, e.g. another brand?

What is the brand and model of your DVD burner(s), and what is the brand, type and rated speed of your DVD media?

At what speed do you burn your DVDs?

Thank you for replying
Yes freezing" and skipping is a better term for my problem.
I found out what was best blank media was and I’m current testing on Sony -RW 2 time speed and my Software DVD Workshop 2 is the authorising and compressing software set to 2 times speed. (I’ve also tried Verbatim +RW)
My DVD burner is that one that came with my Dell computer the drive is HL-DT-ST DVD±DVD GWA4164B

Is the fact that the DVD’s play on a PC significant?

I suggest you try to write on some DVD+R (not DVD+RW) or DVD-R (not DVD-RW) media and see if that helps. Re-writeable (RW) media is more difficult to read, and not all DVD players support it.

If you try some non-rw media, I suggest you burn at a reasonable speed such as e.g. 8x which works well for most combinations of DVD media and burners.

Thanks again for your advise.
Just burned at 8 speed on a Bulkpak DVD+R - still experiencing problems.

Try some Verbatim 16x media, either +R or -R depending on your personal preferences.
Burn at 8x as suggested earlier.

Bulkpaq isn’t exactly quality media.
Some DVD Players are more picky than others, and perhaps you have tested some picky players.

If you can get some Verbatim 16x or 8x DVD media, you will have a better chance of getting a picky DVD player to play the disc without freezing. I prefer Verbatim 16x DVD+R myself.

A question still remains on whether or not your dvd players will support + media.

You can look here - http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers

If you can get away with using +R media, then by all means use Verbatim or TY, Otherwise use -R.

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Thanks all for the different ideas. Working away from home for a week or so but will be trying out your suggestion when I get back.