Dvd player help

Hi Im new here great site lots of info I hope someone can help me.
I had to replace my harddrive in my laptop & I lost my dvd player I’ve downloaded some free ones that work but only play org dvds when I try to play copies that I have made it just reads NO DISK. I called the people that fixed my laptop & they said I most likey need some codec or plug ins can someone point me in the right direction is there a free dvd player I can download that will play all my dvds not just some
I have a Toshiba laptop & running Windows XP

try the VLC media player it is free.

I tried VLC it plays only dvds out of the box will not read any of my copies what am I missing :confused:

VLC Player is great, although I personally like the K-Lite mega codec pack… either one is a nice FREE option

Well I tried all the different players & no luck I can get my boxed dvds to play but not any of my copies of movies & they will play on my other computer or dvd player at home :confused: I use DVD FAB to back up my movies

All my trouble started with a new harddrive it seems that all the players are not seeing the disk in the drive to play. I keep getting NO Disk message :confused:

Thanks for any help