DVD player for Windows OS'es

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Currently i’m still using an old version of WinDVD (since it came with my Voodoo 3 PCI card) , but are there any cool , good , cool players around there , or is “installing the codes and use Winamp 3 or Media Player” enough ?

Are there any differences in the codecs anyway ? I mean , it i have installed WinDVD it will install a codec , since from then on i can play those .VOB files with almost any player.

Once you have the codecs (MPEG2 and AC3) installed you can pretty much play DVDs from any player. However most (none) of those players cannot handle the interactive menus on DVDs. For that you will need something like WinDVD or powerDVD.
Of those two I prefer winDVD because of the slightly better picture quality and better menu compatibility. I’ve seen PowerDVD crash on some DVDs.
I am using an older version of winDVD too, and it still works fine.
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

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I use a dvd player from sonic…i think it is called Sonic Open Dvd

(will check the name later this day…at work now…lol)

it seems to play dvd’s and all other video/audio when codes are installed.

i will look for some info about it and post it in this thread

(also i use the media player 9 beta with the nimo codec installed to play other media)

I like PowerDVD XP myself, it’s faster than WinDVD, but either will do. they’re the top two to choose from. they install codecs themselves, and other little players just use those ones.

and why are you using Windows Media Player 9?

PowerDVD XP 4 Deluxe is my favourite software player.
I don’t use it very much since I have a nice standalone…

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The software (see previous post) i use is called Sonic Cineplayer.
It has a very good picture and sound. It comes with a codec, but as i have the Nimo pack installed, i do not know what format the sonic codec supports.

Why is use media player 9. Together with nimo i can do almost everything with it, even displaying subtitles on divx/avi movies.
The new mediaplayer has also losless compresion.
It just fullfills most wishes.

I use ZoomPlayer along with Cinemaster codecs from my ATI DVD player software to play DVD’s. ZoomPlayer is just a nice little program that has tons of features and is updated almost constantly.

I’ve got PowerDVD and am perfectly happy with it.

My favorite video applications (for running).

  1. Microsoft Windows Media Player v6.4

  2. Adrenaline v1.26 (better suited for subtitles)

  3. Swan’s MP v1.70a (better suited for subtitles)

  4. PowerDVD v4.0

  5. Sasami 757/804

  6. Windows Media Player v9.0

My favorite CODEC packages

  1. d’Tomoyo’s UCP 610 (WMP 6.4 included)

  2. d’Tomoyo’s UCP 611 (610’s lite edition)

  3. Nimo 5.0

  4. Tsunami Filter Pack

For most things, I need only d’Tomoyo’s UCP 610.

Adrenaline, Swan’s MP, Sasami, SamiPlay, KMP, d’Tomoyo’s UCP, and many others, these programs are South Korean.

Have you guys tried NVDVD?
My dad got a copy with his EVGA card, and it seems to be a pretty good SW DVD player.
PDVD 4 XP and this seem to be pretty much equal in quality

PowerDVD XP 6-channel version for DVDs, obviously. And BSPlayer for DivX movies I made. Has support for subtitles, so it’s pretty sweet. Tried WinDVD. Nasty. POS can’t stop crashing.

I got PowerDVD 2.0 with my Lite-On LTD-163. You can get patches/upgrades for it through Lite-On/JLMS to take it to XP 4.0. Will this work OK or should I not bother?

Right now I’m using MSIDVD and/or Windows Media Player 8.0. These seem to sometimes freeze during interactive menus, as mentioned earlier. Any easy fixes?

Hey… been trying to figure out a way to play my dvd’ss on sasami2k think I need codecs. I currently use windvd but that don’t have flip video and mirror image text for my homemade projector :> got tons of DVDs I want to play on my wall without having mirrored text… that’s annoying for japanese and chinese flix like hero or house of flying daggers
like the flip mode in sasami just need to find a way to apply this to my many new dvds any help would be appreciated can email me directly at inindo420@yahoo.com