DVD Player for PAL disc on NTSC TV

I had a player that worked fine for the longest, playing both PAL and NTSC format DVD’s onto my NTSC TV set. However, one too many drunken stumbles into the TV/coord and the 5 foot drop to the floor ended that.

My other DVD player won’t output the PAL disc in the NTSC format for my TV (you get scrolling b/w picture due to the frame rate and resolution diff).

I tried buying a few at best buy that said PAL/NTSC on them, and of course all that apparently means is it plays on PAL TV’s.

So if anyone can give me the brand name and model number of a DVD player that can play PAL discs onto an NTSC tv set it would save me about 200 trips back to best buy :slight_smile:


Almost any new & good standalone has an built-in PAL<>NTSC Converter.

Visit videohelp.com

I will check that site out, however you are quite wrong, I tried about 5 of them and returned them. All name brands, Sony, JVC, Panasonic, ect ect, even a no -name.

My original one was an Aspire and wokred fine, maybe I’ll try and find another one of those.

I meant models released in europe (code 2).

Ah, maybe thats my problem, I am in the USA.

the Phillip dvp 642 and all lite on dvd players can convert pal to ntsc check out newegg and other online site for those players

PowerDVD plays both types on your PC, if that helps any.

I don’t believe that you actually tried all those players.

Sony doesn’t do on-the-fly conversion, but practically everyone else does.

SPECIFICALLY, JVC does - even in their cheap $50 player.

HOWEVER, I ended up buying a Cyberhome ($20 at Staples on Black Friday last year) to do the same job.

Beleive what you want, I did.

You probably have a TV that can play PAL signals because the cyberhome one doesnt work. It plays the pal dvd, but in PAL format (ie scrolling b/w on an NTSC tv)

And yes, on all the models I went into setup and played with every setting for PAL/NTSC/AUTO

Eitherway, thanks everyone, I ordered the Phillips one someone mentioned a few posts above, $70 to my door from amazon - not great but oh well.

Visit videohelp.com:wink:

Great site!