Dvd player dont recognize vobs

I have a folder with all the vobs and files that comes with it. I simply add all these files to my dvd compilation when I want to burn the movie. When I insert the DVD later in my dvd player it doesnt playback. The same when I insert it in my comp. I need to select the vobs to be able to playback it on the comp. My question is what to do to make the dvd player to autoplay the vobs. I presume the movie dont have a menu, or else it would appear somehow. Can I simply just add the vob files in my compilation and not the other files? will it autoplay the first one in my dvd player?

Thx in advance!

What program are you using to burn your DVDs? Video DVDs have a specific folder structure, where the video files have to be in a VIDEO_TS folder, which itself is in the root of the DVD.