DVD Player doesn't recognize/won't play burned DVD-RW

Used Sonic’s Module Name: RecordNow Data Version: 2.0.1 Build: 202B21D, IBM on a Matshita DVD-ROM UJ 822S drive. Used Sony Accucore 120 min/4.7 GB disks. Ran the compatibility module and configured the burner to only burn on the disk once to make it more compatible with a larger number of DVD players. Successfully burned disk - played on my computer. Tried to use it on my Sony DVP-N5700P and it wouldn’t work - didn’t recognize the disk. Don’t have the spec’s on the player so I don’t know if that is the problem. Thoughts?

Many players won’t play particular manufacturers media.

Try a different DVD+RW.

You can also try Bit setting the DVD+RW to a DVD-ROM so the player thinks it’s playing a pressed DVD.
Sony have always been a bit iffy when it comes to consumer rights :wink:

Thanks - used a Sony DVD-RW (as opposed to a +RW since burner software said it couldn’t make +RWs compatible.), hoping that would ease the pain with a Sony player. Bit setting - what do I need to do this (software) and how easy is it to do?

If you use a -R media the player reads it as a -Rom. Good -R media can be found for $0.30 to $0.35 us. Phase change media - + RW cost more and will cause more problems than it’s worth. Some use it to test things and thats ok but if it won’t play for you why waste your time and money. My Sony DVP-NS70H plays DVD -R, +R, +R bitsetting changed to -Rom, and +R DL bitsetting changed to -Rom.

Thanks - if I understood you correctly - forget using -RW and simply get -R disks since they’re only going to be burned once anyway. Will have I have to do any bit-setting? If so, what is the best software (Nero 6.0, 6.6 or 7). How difficult is it to do?

“Will have I have to do any bit-setting?” Already on the -R you have to do nothing.
“what is the best software (Nero 6.0, 6.6 or 7). How difficult is it to do?” I have nero 5 and 7 and both work fine for me. I use dvd video complication.

Thanks - I’ll get the -R and try it.

Okay - here’s the final deal - got the -R (thank you KheSanh). Converted the .AVI to .MPEG and used Nero 7 Ultra to burn the disks. Worked like a charm. Tried to use the Sonic which came with the machine, but couldn’t finalize the disk, even tho it said I should be able to do so (??). Thanks again for your help.