DVD player compatibility problem, torrent->nero recode->dvd, Any One Have Any Advice?

I have several movies I downloaded as torrents. Several different formats (avi, xvid, etc). I have succesfully burnt all of these and they will play in one of my players, Apex AD-3201 (greatest DVD player ever). They will not play in my other player, Panasonic DMR-ES30V. The strange part is that the Panasonic will play other movies I burn.


8GB avi, convert/shrink/burn with nero premium 7
Plays in Apex, not in Panasonic

Rip “300” with AnyDVD
Shrink/burn with nero permium 7
Plays in both players

What is the difference? Any pointers? What should I try and change?

Thanks in advance

Nero 7 Ultra Edition ENHANCED
Imation DVD+R 16X 2HR
Apex AD-3201
Panasonic DMR-ES30V

Buy the movie is what I suggest and not rip off the movie industry.

LOL, this from the guy who sells DVD copy software that will “copy all DVD movies”

And don’t others like 1 click, clondvd2 ect… the list goes on. Copying isn’t completely illegal but to back up ones you own are. As long as you’re not profiting from it too. Anyways the mods will see this soon and lock it as this is against the TOS and rules here.

FYI I support not sale this product you spoke of as I do other software I own.

I suggest you read our rules again. We do not offer help to people who download copyrighted material. Buy the movies and you will not have a problem.:cop: