DVD Player Compatability

I used AnyDVD/Clone DVD2 for the first time yesterday. Previously I have used DVD X Copy Platinum. Using the same DVD blanks (Datawrite Yellow 4x), I noticed that the backup made using AnyDVD/Clone DVD2 software seemed to play perfectly on my Toshiba SD-210E, whereas backups made using DVD X Copy Platinum software result in intermittent blocking. Is the blocking a result of the software being used? Ironically, the dodgy backups played ok on my cheap and cheerful Matsui DVD Player. Any comments would be much appreciated.

To answer yoor question, yes the software may make a difference since they use various burning engines that may affect the outcome.

Biggest mistake you made is using the Datawrite Yellow media, this is poor quality media and you are risking poor burns using it. Use only quality media and you can avoid many of the inconsistencies you are experiencing. Try to burn at what the highest speed of the media is designed for, or one speed lower. Too fast, or too slow, may not produce optimum results.

Another thing you should do is rid yourself of DVD XCopy, it’s history and no match for the AnyDVD CloneDVD combination. If you are using the trial version of both, experiment with them for the time alloted, I’m sure you will be pleased. The trial version is just as functional as the registered version so you have no restrictions, what you have is what you get.
Their support is the best around.

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