DVD Player Compatability

I used AnyDVD/Clone DVD2 for the first time yesterday. Previously I have used DVD X Copy Platinum. Using the same DVD blanks (Datawrite Yellow 4x), I noticed that the backup made using AnyDVD/Clone DVD2 software played perfectly on my Toshiba SD-210E, whereas backups made using DVD X Copy Platinum software result in intermittent blocking. Is the blocking a result of the software being used? Ironically, the dodgy backups played ok on my cheap and cheerful Matsui DVD Player. Any comments would be much appreciated.

I’m real new to the technical side of DVD stuff but I would hazard a guess that the intermittent blocking was caused by the softwares method of going around (reading? decoding? etc) the disc’s copy protection

It could be the media (thats not the best media in the world). It could be the software too (or a combination of the both). If it is a movie backup, it most liklly had to be compressed to fit so it can very how well a particular software handles the compression.

  1. Get better media.
  2. DVD XCopy was one of the worst programs ever made.
  3. You’re getting good results with AnyDVD/CloneDVD, so be happy!

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Use decent media (TY, Verbatim, Fuji) and software (AnyDVD, CloneDVD2) and you will have good results.