DVD Player Compatability List?

I have two dedicated DVD players in my house. One is a Sony and the other a Toshiba. Neither one was very expensive, and somewhere down the road, I’ll probably buy something “better” and yeah… if you have recommendations, tell me what unit is worth looking at and why.

One problem I have is playing a backed up DVD on both these players. The original DVD plays on both just fine. Using CloneDVD, I backed a Baby Einstein so that we can keep one upstairs to amuse the baby while my wife is busy up there. At this point, we’re using the original upstairs and the clone downstairs on the Sony, but I was wondering if there’s an easy answer regarding why the clone won’t work upstairs with the Toshiba? Is there a thread or web page that explains this phenomena? Maybe a listing of DVD Players that are overly fussy with regard to media?

I’m using high quality media Verbatim -R.


Let’s start with this.

Run your models of DVD players through this compatability list.


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A quick check of the Toshiba SD-K740 tells me that not too many folks are thrilled with this machine. Hey, I won it at a charity raffle… I think it costs $50 max at Costco.

So I’ll slowly start searching out some better units, including ones that upconvert and maybe have more features.