DVD player can't recognize disc

Hi, I’m new to all this,having just got a dvd+RW burner.
I decrypted Panic Room onto my hardrive.
Then I used the trial version to test out DVD2One.
It did in fact burn 30 minutes on my DVD
But now I can’t get it to play outside of my PC,on a regular dvd player.

I have Nero Express that came with the Drive, and Roxio, plus sonic video etc burning software as well…

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I have come so far, and then smash… I crash at the end.

Once I can tweek out this bug, I plan on buying the software to do a full movie, unless the trial makes it so I can’t view it on players, and I’m banging my head for nothing.
Please email me at nykittykat@aol.com with any help!!!:confused:

You are doing everything correct up to the point when you start your burning software. Use the standard lattest version of nero to make you fully compliant DVD.You should have the option there to switch between CD and DVD. You could also use VSO COPYTODVD or record now max.

Good news, I do have Nero express… and while I was waiting for your reply, tried just as I stated in the email to you. Burning to my HD first, and then using Nero to burn. It worked!!
I will be upgrading to the full version of DVD2ONE shortly.

I have one last question first.

My example. Panic Room=5.9 gig
DVD-R =4.7

DVD2ONE full version will automatically crop it back (with some image quality or feature loss depending on my option choices)??

if this statement is correct. I will be SOOOOO happy.

:bow: :bigsmile:

yes dvd2one will re encode to fit a dvd-r minus the menues.