DVD player can't read

I use the Benq 822A burner to burn the dvd movie, when I try to read it from the DVD player, it can’t read. But I can watch the movie from the DVD-ROM or the dvd burner. I try different band of DVD, it also can’t read from the player, but my friend’s burn me dvd which using LG dvd burner, it can read from the dvd player. Do anybody know this problem is come from the burner or the disk, because i am using the -r to burn. If i use the +r, is the problem will be fix? thanks

Use good quality DVD+R!

-r might not be compatible with your dvd player. you can use +r media and bitset it for more compatibility.

i think the dvd player is not compatible with the -r disc burn from 822A. Because i try to use a pioneer to burn the movie, and i am using the same -r disc, it works fine at the dvd player.

could be the burn quality of the 822a on -r media.