Dvd player can't read dvd+r's

I bought these


I usually use the verbatim dvd-r from Office Depot or Staples but I heard that +R is more robust, however I just burned my first dvd with one of these disk and low and behold my dvd player doesn’t recognize them. I burned it with NTI DVD and CD suite version 7.

Should I hand these back and get dvd-r instead? I’m looking for a type of disk that will play in most dvd players.

What should I do? Let me know if I should return these, I don’t want to use anymore disk until I have proper advice.


Check this out.


Those +R Verbatims are some of my favorite media, but you may have a problem with a picky dvd player. It helps to booktype the +R disks so that they look like an ordinary dvd rom to the player. Booktyping (also called bitsetting) can be done in several ways, depending on which burner you have.

This is a slightly older article found here at cdfreaks that explains bitsetting in a bit more detail if you are interested. Let us know which burner you are using and we’ll probably be able to help you make your +R disks more compatible.


I’ll answer when I get to work, thanks for the assistance…

You should have no problem setting the booktype for Dvd+R to Dvd-Rom as mentioned in my post & Kerry56’s with this drive. I am however interested in what firmware you have & any extras you have installed with it like SmartBurn etc?

Nothing serious to worry about here, your standalone dvd player probably doesn’t like +R or doesn’t support it.

You can check that here: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers

As stated before, Booktype the DvD+R to DvD-Rom and you should be good to go.

As for your firmware for your LiteOn drive, keeping this up to date will prevent compatibility issues with different types of blank media, it will not however make a +R media disk compatible with your standalone DvD player.

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So what type of media is recognized by most dvd players? Dvd-R? I’m not at home so I cannot check my firmware but I will when I get home, thanks for the help.

So what type of media is recognized by most dvd players? Dvd-R? I’m not at home so I cannot check my firmware but I will when I get home, thanks for the help.

Don’t get confused with brands of media (Verbatim,TY ,etc) and the format of the media ( -R,+R,-RW,+RW, etc ). These are two different things.

First of all you are using the best brand Verbatim. :cool:

In a general sense this is what most people do

1] Use DvD-R

2] Use DvD+R but change the booktype to DvD-Rom

3] Use DvD+R DL but change the booktype to DvD-Rom

What this does is maximizes the overall compatibly on a broad scale.

IE: Say you have multiple standalone DvD players at home, with numerous years between them following the general advice you should be able to play the disc on any of your DvD players in most cases.

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We still haven’t given sah0724 any specific instructions on how to booktype his +R disks. You can use Nero CD/DVD Speed for this. It is a free utility. Look under Extra at the top of the window in CD Speed.

Lite-On makes a utility for bitsetting, which you can find here
Your burner is fairly new, and I am not sure this utility is compatible with it, but it should be.

ImgBurn is a very good, free burning program that can change booktype for you.

So there are a few possibilities for you.

Once the +R disk is bitset, it should look like a dvd rom, in other words, like a commercially made dvd. This is as good as it gets for compatibility.

Is it a issue if I use Vista? That’s what I usually use… thanks for all the help, I’ll still at work, I’ll do this when I get home.

ImgBurn does work in Vista.

Changed the bitset in Nero CD?DVD but it goes back to default after I close, I’m burning a dvd so we’ll see what happens.

It works, sweet!!!

I want to upgrade the firmware now as well… thanks for all the help guys!!!

Your welcome

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