DVD player cant read copied movie

When I copy a movie with CloneDVD2 on my HP DVD640 burner on my computer, it will not play on my Pioneer 531Hs.

About 9 out of 10 movies are okay but the last 10 percent it cannot read. I tried it on my neighbors $28.00 DVD player that he got from WalMart and it plays great. I am using Ty-Yuden 4x4 media. I have also used Maxwell and Ritek Riata GO4 4x4 all with about the same results.

I can go to Shrink and do a Deep Analysis and then copy it again with CloneDVD2 and it will copy and play okay. I do this after I have wasted the blank media. I have also tried going to Shrink first and do a Deep Analysis and it doesn’t always work doing it that way. Any ideas to eliminate my problem?