DVD player can not see the disc

I bought a DVD movie in China, after coming back to Canada, none of my desktop DVD player will play it, I tried my computer DVD burner, it keeps telling me there is no disc in the burner ad asking me to load the disc, after trying for quite a few players, I came to the conclusion that this is a region 6 disc, what when I set my player to region 6, most players will show “no disc”, on one of my Sylvania 2000, ti actually trying to display, but the video just keeps rolling on the screen and in black mode, what should I do in order to play this disc? Any suggestion is appreciated!

Use a program like AnyDvD to make your pc DvDRom region free and play your movie. Or use AnyDvD with a burn program like DvD Decrypter. Iso Read,Iso write. If you are using single layer media make sure it is -R , If you are using Dual Layer media make sure that you booktype the media to DvDRom. By doing this, you should not have any problems playing the movie on your home dvd player.

You can download a free trial of anydvd and try it, and see if this fixes your problem.


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Well, my problem is the DVD writer does not see the disc, I downloaded anydvd and installed it, but not matter which problem I am using to access the DVD, it keeps telling me there is no DVD in the drive, I am really lost now:-(

Ya just can’t trust those 50 cent dvd movies :disagree:

Does you DvD Writer read other DvD’s?

If it does, then chances are if there are no physical defects with your medium that your are trying to play, that the medium is cheap, and that your DvD writer just does not like it.

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That’s the problem with a lot of these Far East cheapo disks.
My ex-boss brought a load back from China, and I had to swap between all of my DVD drives to find which one would read them. (A couple failed to read on any drive.)
Your best bet is to try it in other peoples drives, and if you find one that does read it, get them to back it up for you.