DVD player burning speed locked?

Hello, I recently ordered a Benq EW162i and I had a question before I receive it.

I was ready a reply to a newbie post, and it had a link to mrbass.com, where I found this:

Tip #7 Ripping Speed of DVD-ROMs and DVD Burners

CSS = Content Scrambling System and is the protection used on Hollywood DVDs. Almost all DVD burners are locked at 2X or 2.4X CSS ripping speed. Lite-on DVD Burners are not locked and you can get 8X ripping. If you do have a DVD Burner that is locked at 2X CSS ripping speed your best bet is to buy a $30 DVD-ROM as a secondary drive.

Is this true for my player?

How can I fix it for free??? I just bought Ritek 8X DVD+R, and would like to utilize their full capability, but if my drive is locked, then I cant. Please help!


Ripping speed has to do with the speed at which the drive READS a commercialy produced disk, such as a movie you bought. I’m not positive about your particular drive, but it is VERY likely that there is a hacked firmware available that REMOVES this speed-limit when using it to read the disk. This is refered to as, “Removing Riplock.”

Hmmm, I decided to be extra helpful and see what I could find for you, and from what I can gather, there’s no hacked FW to remove the riplock, which means if you want to back up, for example, your kids’ SpongeBob videos so you don’t have to worry about them scratching up the originaly, it will take a long time to READ the disk adn create an image of it that will be used to WRITE the backup copy. This will NOT, however, slow the actual WRITING part of the process at all once the image is created. Make sence?

Here is a link to the available firmwares BenQ offers at the moment:


If you head on over to the BenQ forums and ask around there which of these is best to use, you may have some luck there. Perhaps you’ll decide to exchange the drive instead. Best of luck to you, and oh yeah, the BenQ forum is here:



Thanks JD- I looked around the Benq forum and found this post:


do you know if this would lift the riplock?


Personaly, I’d PM ala42 adn ask. :wink: THAT would be the FINAL word on that! NOt to mention, you will then be talking to a user that knows one HELL of alot more about BenQ drives than I do!

Hope it will work for you.