DVD player/burner in laptop stopped recognizing DVD-R discs, but reads and plays regular DVD's?

Hello all. I’ll start by saying I looked ahead and couldnt find any answer to my issue in other posts.

I have an HP g60 laptop running Windows 7 that is about 3 years old. Runs great. I have burned a few hundred movies over that time. I know, a lot. Always using Memorex DVD-R discs (almost always, others worked fine also). The other day i put a blank disc in and my drive wouldnt recognize it. I then put a burned movie on the same type of disc in, and again wouldnt recognize, “please insert disc”. I then inserted two different laser lense cleaners, which both worked fine. I tried a regular dvd, not burned, played fine. I again went back to the blank disc, again didnt recognize. Same with the burned movie (tried a few different ones) didnt recognize.

I checked the drivers, no issues, tried all the microsoft and HP support and fixes, again response is there is no problem with the drive. So I thought maybe it had just run its course for burning/reading discs. So i picked up an external usb plug in DVD multi layer player/burner. Works with all formats, DVD-R, DVD+R, etc. Plugged it in, downloaded the driver automatically, put in the blank disc, WOULDNT RECOGNIZE! Proceeded with all the same steps as above with the new drive and same exact results…wont recognize blank or burned DVD’s, but will play regular ones fine.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here??? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Clean the drives lens.

I actually did that also…cleaned the drive lense. with two seperate lens cleaning discs. and again, its not just the one drive in my laptop. Its reacting the same way with a brand new external drive i just bought.

Any more ideas?

Get a free burning program called ImgBurn and see if it can recognize the blank discs.

Click on any of the mirror links listed here: http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download

By the way, virtually no one around here would recommend using Memorex discs. Try some Verbatim AZO discs instead.

You can also try removing upper and lower filters. This easily done within ImgBurn. Click on any of the options, Write files/folders to disc would be fine. Then go to Tools–>Filter Driver Load Order and remove filters there.

Thanks for the response Kerry. I use Nero, but i did as you instructed, followed your instructions. Still no change. DVD drives (both the built in one and the brand new external one i just bought) still will play regular dvd’s/cd’s, but will not recognize blank or burned dvd’s.

Additionally Kerry, you mentioned about the Memorex discs, I know everyone has there prefernce, and some do indeed work better with different software/hardware, but I have burned over 600 discs with no issues at all using Memorex. Burning and playback are fine. Until now.

Anyone else? Could this be a BIOS issue?? Its sounding more like a software issue than hardware, seeing as its happening not only with the original built in drive, but also with the brand new external drive??

Since this is happening to both a usb and internal drive, that pretty much rules out controller issues, since they use different paths.

The only other pertinent thing I can think of to try is going back to a restore point prior to when this started.

Once again i appreciate your response Kerry. Ill keep searching. Im baffled