Dvd Player and Hard Drive

Just wondering if anyone can help :doh:

I am incredibly cluless about technology but as a gift my friend bought me a 500Gb hard drive and up loaded films and tv programmes on to it for me.
I have a Silvercrest DVD player with a USB port but when I plugged the hard drive in to it, it wouldn’t register. :sad:
I think the drive might be too large for the player to recognise.

If it is, is there another brand anyone can reccommend? One that will play the files? A lot of thought and effort went in to the gift and I would hate for it to be a waste!

Any help would be HUGELY appreciated!!



I have no idea about your Silvercrest DVD player but have you tried going to google put in the model of the player and ask about installing a usb hardrive.

Ask something like this on google

Model number XXXX external hardrive not Recognized when plugged into the usb port

Not sure you will find anything but worth a try.

You also should provided the model of the player and hard drive in your post it would help

I went to google and searched (Silvercrest DVD player external hardrive)

There are post there about the formating of the hard drive having to be FAt32.

Reads some of the things on google and see if that helps.

Thanks a million!
Will try that!