DVD player and CD-R/RW discs

I have a Panasonic DVD RV20, I know its not the best but hey, I got it for free. The problem I have is, it can play VCDs that I made with Nero on CD-RWs perfectly, same with CDs. Once I burn the same stuff onto CD-R’s it refuse to play it.

Can someone give me some pointers? thanks

Does it have the problem with 1 specific brand of CDR’s or all CDR’s?

All CD-R’s, I’ve used 3 brands of CD-R. However I only used one brand of CD-RW:confused:

i had the same problem as yours with my sony dvd player.
i searched through the web for this problem and i found out that most dvd players cant read cd-r’s because of the dye that it uses (blue, gls, etc) and laser wavelength stuff. but i also read somewhere that if you use a cd-r with a silver dye, just like the commercial VCDs or audio CDs, it might work, but i havent tried this yet.
and most dvd players should be able to read cd-rw, like the dvd player models that we have.

but most 2nd generation dvd players should be able to read cd-r. (i think this is achieved by having 2 lens for the player, the other of which is for cd-r)

got this from cdrlabs.com:

Subject: [2-13] Can DVD players read CD-Rs?
The only discs that a DVD player is guaranteed to read are DVD discs. Support for CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW may be included, but is by no means guaranteed.

CD-R was designed to be read by an infrared 780nm laser. DVD uses a visible red 635nm or 650nm laser, which aren’t reflected sufficiently by the organic dye polymers used in CD-R media. As a result, many DVD players can’t read CD-R media. Some DVD players come with two lasers so that they can read CD-R. For a technical discussion, see http://www2.osta.org/osta/html/cddvd/intro.html and http://www.emedialive.com/EM1998/bennett3.html.

CD-RW discs have a different formulation, and may work even on players that can’t handle CD-R media. If CD-R media doesn’t work, try copying the disc to CD-RW instead (assuming your recorder supports CD-RW).

Some DVD-ROM drives may be unable to read multisession discs. In general, though, DVD-ROM drives (as opposed to DVD players) are able to read CD-R media.

If the box doesn’t say that something is supported, assume that the feature isn’t. Look for the MultiRead or MultiPlay logos, which indicate that the DVD player or DVD-ROM drive can read CD-R and CD-RW.

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