DVD playback

First of all, I’m not completely sure if this is the correct sub-topic to place this.

I have a notebook with Windows XP and am looking to see what is the best software to have for DVD playback only. Currently, I use Windows Media Player and INtervideo windvd. Both work fine, but I’m curious to know if there are others out there that allow for better pictures and sound. I’ve read that TheaterTek is supposed to be good and I’ve heard of Powerdvd as well.

All opinions are greatly appreciated.

PowerDVD is an appreciated software. It have many features, but latest versions require a rather powerful machine to use it fully. Many thinks that powerdvd is the best, but this is subjective; I think that all playback softwares are basically the same. The only way to know if powerdvd is better for you is to try by yourself. You can find a trial version on Cyberlink website.

To be honest I doubt you’ll see any difference between any common MPEG-2 decoders, MPC can also play DVDs. You can also use ffdshow to postprocess although it requires a quite powerful CPU.

PowerDvD gets my vote.

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VLC all the way. One program that plays almost anything. Streaming, no region codes, it skips those stupid warnings and trailers. And … it is free like in “beer”. Give it a try. videolan.org