DVD Playback

Hi guys!

I have been backing up all my movies with DVD X Copy simple version. They play fine on my modified Xbox but that is too complicated for my wife.

I was considering purchasing a standalone dvd player but I am confused.

Must a dvd player be region free in order to play a backup? I know that 321 studios promises that backups made using it’s software should play on any regular dvd player but I am not sure.

no, if your dvd`s are region 2 as in europe then europeon dvd players are region 2. although most dvd players are region free or region free hackable.

also i used to use dvdxcopy (even though i paid £30 for it)i now use dvddecripter with dvd shrink both programs are free and you can make your backup region free with shrink.

I live in the US. All the DVD’s that I backup are region 1. I assume my player would be region 1 also. I originally thought the region was not copied but I guess you are saying that it is copied and should work much the same way, correct?

So the only purpose of a region free player would be to play DVD’s from other regions and maybe downloaded content that does not have a region?

yes if you use dvd decripter to rip the disc to your hard drive then the region code is still there.