DVD playback



Ive downloaded some shareware videos off the internet and i want to burn them so i watch them on a DVD player, i encode the files to .vod and all the .iso files are fine i believe (I use DVDSanta) and as soon as it’s encoded the files i burn (also using DVDsanta) but when i try and play them on a DVD player it says ‘Incorrect Disk’, and i have no idea why, It’s negative formatting but that shouldn’t matter as a mate of mine has been doing excatly the same thing and his have worked fine on the same DVD player. Can anyone help me?


I should also add i burn them at a 4x speed with a 16x DVD burner, though i have tried setting the speed at 1x and 2.4x and it makes no difference (other than takking a hell of a lot longer to burn ;))


when you burn them, do you have two folders in the dvd, one that is VIDEO_TS, and the other that is AUDIO_TS? The AUDIO_TS usually doesn’t have anything in it, its just there for compatibility.


Yes i do, DVDsanta does that automatically…i checked up and it all appears to be fine, my other computer recognizes it as a DVD, i don’t know whats wrong, perhaps it doesn’t recognize - formatting